Preventative Bed Bug Treatments

Public Places Bed Bugs are found

The Challenge

Bed bugs are a growing concern for property owners, public housing directors, and healthcare and hospitality professionals in all sectors. As opportunistic hitchhikers, they are easily carried on bags and clothing. In fact, it’s impossible for any facility that welcomes the general public to prevent the introduction of bed bugs. Their ability to hide in minute cracks and crevices make early detection extremely difficult even by the most meticulous housekeepers.

The Solution

Enter Aprehend, a natural fungal disease of insects that was developed specifically for the control and prevention of bed bugs. The long-lasting residual action of Aprehend remains active for up to 3 months and ensures that any bed bugs introduced will pick up the spores and die before establishing an infestation. Proactive treatment with Aprehend® is applied only to the key areas where bed bugs are known to harbor when introduced into an environment.
The application of a quarterly pro-active treatment is far less costly and time-consuming than treatment of active infestations once bed bugs have become firmly established in a property. Lost revenue, down-time and closures for treatment, and the negative publicity that result from infestations can be avoided. Owners and managers of any private or public environment at risk of bed bug introduction and establishment can safeguard property and people from infestation.

How does Aprehend work?


Aprehend is a revolutionary fungal biopesticide for the elimination and prevention of bed bugs. Strategic barriers are applied in key areas where bed bugs are known to harbor after introduction. When bugs cross the barrier, they pick up Aprehend spores and go on to die of the fungal disease in 3 – 7 days. This prevents the establishment of a bed bug infestation, and the barriers continue to provide protection for up to 3 months.

How We Use Aprehend

Texas State uses Aprehend as a follow-up after heat treatments to make sure that bed bugs are not reintroduced into the environment. Additionally, we offer Aprehend with a combination of other treatments to remove the existing infestation in locations that can not be easily heated.

If any bed bugs are found we can inspect the bed bugs in our Houston-based lab to determine if the spores are getting on the bed bugs. This will help us know that the treatment is working or if reapplication is needed.


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