Birds Above the Stove: It’s all about exclusion

Oven Vent with Bird Nest

We recently treated a customer’s house where birds had created a nest in the fan above the stove. Here you can actually see feather parts hanging down.

How does this happen and how can it be prevented?

How did this happen?

Upon inspection, we found that the birds had entered in through an broken outside air vent for the stove, and there was evidence that the birds had been nesting there for years.


We had to remove the entire fan assembly before we could remedy the problem and clean the area. Thankfully we were able to release this bird back out into the wild.

How can this be prevented?

Both vents were then covered with exclusion devices. Exclusion is key to preventing birds, rodents, and insects from making your home their home. Holes, cracks, rotten wood, and space at the bottom of exterior doors is a wide open invitation for pests.

Free Inspection Offer

In addition to removing pests we offer a free exclusion inspections of your house, business or other buildings. We will make recommendations and provide estimates for repairs needed to keep out birds, rodents, and other critters. 

Call us today for your free inspection so you can avoid needing a more costly pest control service in the future. Thanks for reading!

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