Bed Bug Heat Treatments

One and Done - Bed Bug Free In Just 1 Day!

If you have bed bugs then you know the urgency that comes with an infestation.  Don’t let another night go by with bed bugs.  The science behind your heat treatments is simple.  Bed bugs hate heat.  At temperatures, over 120 degrees bed bugs and their eggs will begin to die.  Because heat can permeate everything, including walls, mattresses, furniture, and flooring, heat doesn’t leave anywhere for bugs to hide.  Thermal bed bug solutions have been recognized by the CDC to be the most effective bed bug eradication method available. Our heat treatments at 100% eco-friendly and safe for use around kids and pets.

100% GUARANTEE – Warranty included with heat treatment of the entire structure.

How Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs

What makes bed bugs so hard to kill is that they don’t drink anything except you. They don’t groom themselves like roaches. This means it is harder to get chemicals inside of them. This also means they have a limited supply of water inside their body. Heat kills by dehydrating the bed bugs in all life stages. It always works.   

Bed Bug kill temperatures

Bed Bug Life Cycle

  • A female can produce between 5 and 20 eggs from a single blood meal

  • A single female can produce about 113 eggs in her whole life

  • Eggs can be laid singly or in groups

  • A wandering female can lay an egg anywhere in a room

  • A bed bug population can double every 16 days

Bed Bug Life Cycle

Heat Assault 500X - The most powerful bed bug heating equipment on the market

Our 500X unit is capable of reaching temperatures of 145°F or higher, resulting in total death of all bed bugs and bed bug eggs in a matter of hours. You won’t have to do the job twice with this type of power.

Heat Assault uses forced convection technology which creates a powerful, consistent and uniform output of heat. This industry leading power and capacity allows us to treat entire floors or multiple units at one time.

Heat Assault Bed Bug Equipment

Heat Vs. Chemicals

  • Only heat can kill all stages of the bed bug life cycle

  • You don’t need to throw away your furniture

  • Bed bugs have become chemically resistant

  • Heat gets to places that chemicals cannot reach

  • Many chemicals repel bed bugs causing them to move to other rooms

  • Heat is 100% environmentally safe

  • Setup for heat treatments is much faster than most chemical treatments

  • The whole house gets treated

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