Bed Bug Heat

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With the Texas State Pest Management bed bug heat treatments, you won’t have to pay for bed bug treatments upon bed bug treatments any longer.  The Texas State Pest Management’s revolutionary new heat treatment technology kills bed bugs with just one application, even the eggs!  Your bed bug problem could be solved in just 6-8 hours!

Heat is proved to be the most successful bed bug elimination method available by scientists and qualified pest professionals around the world.  While bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to chemical bed bug treatments, they cannot escape the heat and will succumb to it in just 10-15 minutes of high-temperature exposure.

Texas State Pest Management uses professional quality heaters provided by to perform the ultra-effective heat treatments that we are known for.  You can count on dramatic results after just one treatment!  The heat treatment starts by raising the temperature in the structure or room safely and quickly.  Temperature ranges from 120-140 degrees and is held consistent for 6-8 hours. Bed bugs cannot survive in the heat and cannot escape by hiding inside furniture, under floors or even in the walls.  The Texas State Pest Management technicians are specially trained to inspect the area and administer the heat treatments to kill all the bugs without the need for residual chemical application.

If you are ready to wake up from your bed bug nightmare – Call us at  713-970-1022 and schedule your inspection and heat treatment!

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