About Us

About Texas State Pest Management

Texas State Pest Management began with the goal to help the residents and business owners in the Houston, TX area get rid of bugs, once and for all.  The goal for every treatment we complete is to kill or remove all pests from the area, just like we would want if it were our home or business.  We do every job with pride and professionalism. The work isn’t finished until the customer is satisfied. 

The Texas State Pest Management Certified Pest Control Applicator

Brian is from Port Arthur, Texas.  He has worked in and around the Houston area since 1992.  Brian has a bachelors degree in Business from Texas Wesleyan in Fort Worth, Texas.  He has 15 years experience in the pest control industry.  Brian is a certified applicator in pest control and termite.  He has successfully passed his AIB course in food safety.  He has experience in heavy industry, chemical facilities, food plants and large scale restaurants.  He has experience in audited facilities and large scale mosquito fogging.

Brian Harrison
Bed Bug Heater

About Our Equipment

Texas State Pest Management is proud to use and offer Convectex Bed Bug heaters for all bed bug heat treatments and rentals.  Convectex has combined the science of thermal convection and many years of experience in bedbug heat treatments to provide equipment that professionals and DIYers can count on.  All of the equipment used by Texas State Pest Management is safe, light, and easy to use, yet durable and powerful. We can provide the equipment to heat almost any structure.

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